Decades of sensing

powered by a single coin battery

Welcome to Sensor Driven Ltd.
We are disrupting the remote monitoring industry with our patented, self-energising event detector technology that originated in the University of Bristol. We offer sensors that monitor for decades, powered from a small coin battery.
Please get in touch if you have a long-life, remote monitoring need.
Miniature, remote, intelligent tags with 25-year battery life, simultaneously logging
shock events, temperature threshold excursions, and dampness.
NFC readout of logged events, unique product identification, manufacturing data.
Ensure product traceability, monitor asset usage, improve logistics, understand origins and causes of failure.
Tags with decades of lifetime, to monitor remote, complex systems.
Preempt failure, ensure product traceability, monitor asset usage, improve logistics. Understand origins, timings and causes of failure.
Zero-maintenance tags for the detection of
flooding, wet, humidity thresholds, water or chemical ingress, leakage.
For insurance, asset management, condition monitoring, automotive, storage.

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